Time-out on Survey Pages


Hi there,

I am collecting responses which are taking respondents more than 2 hours to submit the form. However, some of the respondents have complained that the survey form does not allow them to come back to survey after 3 hours or so. Is that true?

Is there any time limit within which the survey form has to be completed?

If YES, what is that time limit?

And can it be extended if required? 





Dominic Sharpe answered

    SurveyGizmo does not impose a time-out on their surveys (they want to make sure that you are able to collect all the data that you need). Often time-outs are imposted by the respondents network connection or browser.

    My recommendation is to implement the ‘Save & Continue” feature on your survey (if you haven’t already):


    This will provide your survey takers with a continuation link so they can always re-access their in progress response.

    I hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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