[Solved] One at a time with the first question already queued up


I want to do one at a time, for both desktop and mobile, however when I select it, the first question isn’t queued up, and the user has to select the arrow button to get to the first question. That’s going to be a conversion killer. How do I load it up one at a time, but the first question already there on the first page?

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    Ths first question should be queued up as long as it is the first item on the first page. Do you by chance have a text or image element that appears before the first question? If so, in order for the first question to appear first, you would need to either remove the text/image element or add the text to the question.

    Hope this helps!

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      Thank you. I added the text to the first question, and it’s all good now. 

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