[Solved] Time limit to answer a page? (if nothing particular specified)


Hey everyone,

Knowing that I didn’t specify any time limit while building my survey.

Do you know how long can take the respondent to answer the survey once the link opened.

Do you know if the page could expire after a while? If so, which one?

Thanks a lot for you help!


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    This is probably not a SurveyGizmo problem. An open, inactive internet connection can be a security problem, so many browsers have time-out settings that will shut down an inactive internet session.  In addition, many corporate network systems will also shut down inactive internet sessions. 

    You can learn more about this in the SurveyGizmo documentation – http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/why-do-my-respondents-report-time-outs

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