[Solved] Time (hours:mintues) question?


hey gizmo users and support team.
I’m trying to build a question about times (hours and minutes)
something like “when do you usually leave for work”.

I need the full 24 hours spectrum (we are dealling with people who might work night shifts) and we need a resultion of at least 24 options.
we are currently using radio buttons with labels 06:01 – 07:00, 07:01 – 08:00 (and so on).
but it’s 24 options (at least) and very uncomfortable.

Is there a question type that gets ‘hours’ as answer. maybe like the alarm clock in Samsung, or even two wheels like they have in ‘survey2go’ app? (see attached photo – ignore the hebrew text)


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    Hi there,

    We do not have a question type like you describe. This is the kind of customization our programming services team does for a fee. Learn more about programming services team here:


    The SurveyGizmo Team

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      You could try sliders:

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