Time delay of “send email action” doesn’t work




I created a “send email action” at the end of my survey with a time delay of 20 minutes but it doesn’t work, I never receive the email (even after one day).

Here is a screenshot of my Time delay : 

I searched for an answer in the question community but I didn’t find one yet. Any help will be appreciated.




Dominic Sharpe answered

    Your delay seems to be set up in an appropriate format – do you get emails if you don’t apply a delay? I wonder if it’s a general email deliverability issue or specific to the delay?

    Unfortunately other users in the Community won’t be able to diagnose the issue – SurveyGizmo’s Support team would be able to view their logs to provide more insight into these delayed/failed messages.

    You can reach out to their Support team via:


    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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