Tie responses to pie slices within charts.


I need help generating a report to show essay responses tied to a pie chart and comments broken into groups instead of reported all together.

For example:

25% “Somewhat Agree” – Essay Comment Responses

25% “Somewhat disagree” – Essay Comment Responses

Right now, my report only shows

25% “Somewhat Agree”

25% “Somewhat Disagree”

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Jim W (Moderator) answered

    Unfortunately there is no straightforward way to do this in SurveyGizmo. You are basically describing a COMPARISON REPORT, but they don’t produce charts.  However, there might be a way you could kludge this report together.

    REPORT #1 – Create a SUMMARY REPORT and then customize it by deleting every element except the pie chart that you want.

    Report #2 – Create a COMPARISON REPORT, and then customize it by deleting every element except the question that is driving the pie chart (and the comparison) and the subsequent essay question.

    Go back to Report #1, open the CUSTOMIZE MENU and add REPORT #2 as an element.  See the SurveyGizmo documentation for details – http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/existing-report.

    I have never done this myself, so I can’t speak for the results.  My personal solution would be to create a template in MS Excel and then just import all of the relevant data from SurveyGizmo.  I have a lot of experience with Excel so I know that I would have better control of the data organization and the report aesthetics.  YMMV.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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