Can I use a threshold to limit what is displayed in a report chart?


I have an unreadable chart that I’d like to improve by limiting the amount of data that is graphed.

My respondents were asked to select their two favorite movie screenings out of approx. 40 they might have attended at a festival. I want to show how the most popular options differ by age group by segmenting. You can imaging how the 40 bar chart becomes completely unreadable, even with two age group segments.

I’d like an option to display only the answers that were selected by >10% of any of the segments or something to that effect. This would reduce the 40 to around 7. Since that doesn’t seem to exist, I’ve considered the following and their less than optimal results:

  • Filtering out individual answers that didn’t receive many votes: subtracts respondents from the count of the most popular options as well
  • Finding all the pairs that include top options and creating a crazy long filter of exact pair matches: results in some irrelevant films with incomplete counts (if those films were also paired with less popular options that are filtered out)
  • Graphing it outside of the reporting tool and importing it as an image: trying to match the theme so that the image will look professional alongside the spiffy Survey Gizmo graphs will be difficult, if not impossible
  • Just put it in text: easiest, but doesn’t communicate the ratios that well   

Before I take that last option, is there some solution that I’m not considering? Thanks for your consideration!

Community Admin answered

    @pennyalley : We used to have an option to “Group all others” that when paired with the option to order answers by “Number of Responses (Highest to Lowest)” worked nicely to do what you described. It looks like the Standard Report does not have this option.

    I am going to pass this along to our development team as a possible future improvement. I’m sorry to say until this is added, I can’t think of an alternative to the options you described.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    The SurveyGizmo Team

    Community Admin commented
      • Thank you for your reply. I see that the “All Others” combination happens nicely when I export the unsegmented report to Power Point. When I segment by two categories, the “All Others” happens, but the bars aren’t grouped correctly (not next to each other with the correct label). The cause of this could be that the rankings are different for each segment, therefore the things grouped with “All Other” aren’t aligned. Ultimately, it would be better to provide a way to manually group (or adjust the automatic grouping) or a way to limit what is graphed, either by threshold or checkboxes.

      • This is great feedback! I will make note of this as well for our development team!

        The SurveyGizmo Team



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