[Solved] The OPEN date is not the date that I entered-HELP


I just finished building 49 student evaluation links and a TEST link that I took myself and noticed that the OPEN DATE is not the same date that I entered.  There is a drop down box now under “Advanced” (which is GREAT) and I chose 10/1/2015 for the evals to open; however, what is actually showing up in the open box is 1969 something.  I haven’t checked all 49 links — only 2, but I’m sure they all have the 1969 open dates.  

Not sure what happened, or what I need to do to correct this before I finish setting up all 130 links.  Please advise.

Rose McGowan

Division Assistant

Rose Mcgowan28284 asked

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    Hey Rose, correct me if I’m wrong, but I assume you’re talking about the Share tab and then creating custom links for each survey.

    I don’t see a dropdown box in this area under advanced, but I do see text fields where you can enter the open link date and the close link date. In this case, are you entering the dates in the correct format? YYYY-MM-DD ?

    Is this what you are talking about, or if not, can you provide a screenshot?

    Nick Wicks answered


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