[Solved] The monthly reports that I send no long have an option to save as PDF


I have monthly reports that get sent to multiple people that do not log into Survey Gizmo.  They typically run the report from the link in the email, it is a webpage, but then in the top right there are buttons for: word; excel; PDF so they can save it.  This month the links are not there.   The only thing I changed in the report was I inserted another report inside this report.  So, did something change with the links that are sent out with Reports from Survey Gizmo?

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    Nothing should have changed that we’re aware of, could you send us an example of one of the links that doesn’t have the Share options? Send it along to support@sgizmo.com, along with the name of the survey it came from so we can take a look. Chances are if you used the Combined Summary Report feature, that might be what caused it but we’d need to see just to make sure.

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