[Solved] The email action setting to fire once for each response is currently not working in Chrome


In the Advanced settings for an email action, at the bottom there is a setting to either fire the action one each time the page is hit, or once per response. The latter is on by default, but currently is not working as you’d expect it to in Chrome. So if the respondent refreshes the page the action will fire each time.

We currently have not been able to replicate in Firefox.

Patrick - Survey McDuck asked

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    The issue with actions firing multiple times in Chrome (not respecting the setting to only fire once) should be fixed now.

    @gburdick361569 That sounds like a separate issue but I suppose it’s possible that the fix for this might help. Can you let us know if going forward you continue to have problems with email actions not always firing?

    Patrick - Survey McDuck answered


      We have released this fix onto the Production Code again and are not seeing any issues this time. Any issues you were seeing should not happen going forward.

      Please let us know if you are still seeing issues, and thanks again for your patience!  :)

      Jon - The Survey Dude answered


        We had to remove this fix from our Production Code as it was causing some issues in Survey Taking.

        We are working to correct this as soon as possible and get this fix re-released.

        Thank you for your patience with us while we work away to get this corrected for good.  :)

        Jon - The Survey Dude answered

          We have issues with this as well, our Send Email Action is intermittently functioning. We have surveys set up to e-mail us and the customer when it has been submitted, however, we are not always receiving e-mail notifications.

          We operate using Chrome, and our customer is accessing the survey through Firefox. Not sure this matters, but wanted to provide additional information.

          gburdick361569 answered


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