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I’m trying to show an specific Text/Media based on a Question that Pipe from Another Question.



Question 1) Choose 5 names out of 10:


After this, Question 2 will Pipe the 5 answers and:


Question 2) Given the 5 names you’ve chosen, pick your favorite:


After the user picked his favorite an specific text will be shown based on answer in Question 2).


Can anybody help me?



Jim W (Moderator) answered

    There is a limitation that prevents you from being able to set up logic on a question that is piped into. The best alternative is to not use piping and use Answer Option Logic instead:


    Answer option logic will allow you to show answers in the second question only if they are selected in the first question. Then, you will be able to show the specific text element based on the answers selected in the second question.

    Hope this helps get you started!

    Lucas commented
      • Thank you for the response.
        But I don’t understand how can I show the 5 option that I’ve selected in Question 1 in Question 2.



      The option that Dominic has suggested does not use piping at all.  Instead, you would set Q2 up as a Radio Button question with the same 10 options as Q1.  In Q2 you will edit each of the options, open the Logic tab, and set up a logic condition that determines whether or not that option will be displayed to the respondent.  The logic condition in this case will be whether the respondent selected that response in Q1.  You will have to setup logic tests for each of the 10 options.

      Note: you will have to place these two questions on separate pages in order for the logic tests to work.

      See the SurveyGizom documentation for details – https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/answer-option-logic

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