Textbox grid: adjusting individual column widths


I’m piping previous answers into the row headers of a text grid and then using the text grid to collect address information for each piped item. 

Does anyone know a way to adjust the individual column width in the text grid? I have the standard “address, city, state, zip” column headers. By default, each column is the same width, but in this case, I want the “address” column to be wider and the state and zip columns to be more narrow. Any way to do that? Thanks!

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    I do not see a way to do adjust the column dimensions in a text box grid.  The same CSS class (.sg-input-text) is used for each text box, and there is no way to assign custom CSS to the columns.

    If this proportional spacing is important to you, you might want to consider using a custom group type question in place of the textbox grid.

    Andy commented
      • Thanks for taking a look; I would have started with a custom group or contact form, but you can’t pipe into them.



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