Text in the answer option with custom reporting value




  • I’ve a radio buttons question with a list of emails + an Other Write In field for other email not in my list.
  • In my custom reporting values, i’ve ID in order to match with my CRM. But for the “Other Write In field” i’d like to have the  text in the answer option as the Reporting Value. I didn’t found any answers about that…

Could you help me ?


Laurent Bizot answered

    Ok many thanks to Lola & Mary ! I’am gonna try…

    Laurent Bizot answered

      Great idea from Lola.  To add to her suggestion, use merge codes/hidden values instead of text box to create a field that you can push to SF.   



      Mary L (Moderator) answered
        Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

        I’m not sure that there is a way to do that (as the reporting value will be whatever you have specified in the reporting value column when editing the question).

        One option that might help you work around this limitation is to create an open text question on a following page that is automatically populated (via merge code) with the answer from the other box.

        You can then pass the follow up question to your CRM to collect that email address.

        Hope this is a good option!


        Lola Gill answered


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