Test won’t go past 1st Page


I want people at Q12 who answer No to go to a URL. I want those who answer Yes to go to some further questions. As it seems I can’t set up Logic on the 1st Page I have made Q12 into the second page. Then the Yes respondents go to another page with Q13 etc. No respondents go to the URL. 

However, I am having great difficulty getting this to work! When I do a test run I can only go as far as Q11. When I click Next it’s a blank page! 

Do I need to do something to have the pages connect? 

I’ve searched for an answer and watched some of the videos but can’t work out what I’m missing! 


Dominic Sharpe answered

    You may want to explore Skip/Disqualify Logic – which could be added to page 1:


    You would essentially set up the Skip Logic to fire if the answer to Q12 is ‘no’ (and configure a redirect within the logic setup).

    Those who say No will be redirected, whereas those who say Yes will continue with the survey. (If you are testing URL redirects within the Preview page, this may be the reason you see the white page).

    I would recommend testing via the default link on the Share tab.

    I hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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