[Solved] How can I terminate respondents who don´t fit into my target group?


I need to have only women at a certain age to respond to my survey. But I don´t know how to terminate the others. Would somebody help me with that?

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    Easiest way is to set up the first two questions in your survey to ask for gender and age. Then at the bottom of that page click on the “Skip/Disqualify Logic” button. Here you can set the logic to disqualify all respondents who say they are male or who are outside of your age group.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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      Thanks a lot Jon! That helped me out of my misere. But yeah I have although two other questions. And it would be very nice if you could help me with that either. It´s about 1. how to set the redirect links of an external panel provider (to select which respondent is on the status complete, partial and so on).

      The second question is my biggest problem right now. It although is about the quotas. I have to set up an automatically quota controll, so respondents can´t no longer qualify for a target group if the total number of respondents is reached. Do you know where I could set that up?


      Best wishes from Berlin, Lena of Care.com

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        • Hi Lena – you should consider taking each of your questions and posting them separately with appropriate titles. This would increase your chances that someone in the community with the needed expertise can notice and respond to your request.



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