[Solved] Tell me more about my survey results


Survey title: Transportation Construction Inspector — Requirements and Certification

Results: 56 viewed; 15 completes; 41 partials

I am trying to interpret my results to explain to the CEO what to do next. 

  1. Tell me more about the 15 completes: did they stop the survey and come back? How many times? How do I generate that report?
  2. When the 15 completes stopped and came back, are they noted as partial respondents? How do I track that? Are those 41 partials really the 15 completes stopping the survey and coming back?
  3. Tell me more about the 41 partials: Is there a way to generate a report to note where each individual left off. The falloff report only gives general numbers. I want to know where each individual left off. How do I generate that report?



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    The information you are looking for is in an export file.

    The export file will show you the time each respondents started and then completed the survey. If there is a significant difference between these two dates you can probably assume that the respondent stopped the survey and then resumed.

    Unless you sent this survey out as part of an email campaign, it is a little more difficult to ascribe responses to individuals.  However, the export file usually contains an IP address for each response and sometimes this can be used to differentiate respondents.

    The export file will also allow you to look across all of the PARTIAL responses and note at what point they left the survey.

    In short – there is no report that will tell you this information.  You are going to have to export a CSV or XLS file and analyze the file in MS Excel.

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