Team edition: overview of survey conducted and responses collected



I was wondering if in the team edition there is a way to have an overview of the number of surveys conducted, emails sent, responses collected. 

It would be very interesting to have this aggregate data.

Many thanks!



liviabrandao answered


    I’ve already solicited your contact for team edition pricing, since December last, and i still haven’t got an answer, i belive because of the holidays season.

    We need several users to create surveys simultaneasly, for that, we need the pricing for the team edition e what it inclues, or other that you considerer best for our usage.


    Can you please reply?


    Best Regards,


    Lívia Brandão

    liviabrandao answered

      The exact permission you need is something that you will have to work out with the account admin.  The permissions are grouped by functionality (Edit, Test, Distribute, Report, etc.) so you might have to try different combinations in order to find the permissions that you need.

      The one drawback you might have to deal with is that sometimes giving permission to view information also confers the ability to use the functionality – this is something you will have to discuss with your admin.

      Jim W (Moderator) answered

        This is possible.  You will have to ask whoever has the admin rights to your SurveyGizmo account to grant you the necessary permissions.

        You can review the SurveyGizmo documentation for details –


        lucamobilio commented
          • thanks! 

            what would be the specific permission I need?
            and then how can I see the overview? is there a dashboard? 

            and also, can the person that has the admin rights see this overview directly? 



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