Target a Specific Page With The Back Button – with Unique Email Campaign


Hi all,

I successfully used the below link to change my back button to target a different page.  For some reason, when I create an email campaign and use the same method (which is essentially just appending “?__sgtarget=[Page Number]” to the URL), it does not move to the correct page and in fact just moves back one page.  Any clue why that would be happening?  I think the crux of the issue is that as you progress through a Unique Link Email Campaign, the URL changes to have a variable labeled “sg_cb” which seems to define the pagination.  Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks!

shoaibs answered

    Are you using the page number or the page ID number? The page ID numbers are always a little off because when you create a survey the ID number of the first page is 1 and the THANK YOU page is #2. So if you create a second page for your survey its ID will be 3.

    The target-page script that appears on your post uses the page ID number.

    shoaibs commented
      • Thanks for the reply Jim – I did account for the variation in Page ID vs actual page number to no avail.



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