Tallying Responses in a quiz


I’ve just created a quiz containing 64 questions.  Each question has a choice of “a” “b” or “c” to answer.  I’d like to count the total number of “A”-responses… total number of “b” responses and total number of “c” responses for each respondent.

Is there a script or document that can show me how to do that?


Many thanks!

Gilles Renaud answered

    There is not a specific script or document for this very unique scenario.

    Here is what I would do for this. I would create 4 separate Quiz Score Actions (Tally type).

    On the first Quiz Score action I would score all question like this:


    a = 1

    b = 0

    d = 0

    c = 0

    For the Second Quiz Score Action, I would repeat this process but this time assign the ‘1’ to the ‘b’ and repeat for Actions 3 and 4.

    This way, you will get 4 separate results, and each quiz score action will only count one of the letters.

    I hope this makes sense!

    sashamobley commented
      • Thanks, Dominic! This worked great for the most part, and I appreciate your help.

        Here’s where I have trouble: My survey is seven questions. I have the logic when it’s clear that one of the options is superior (Sum >= 4).

        But it’s possible for the Tally to result in a “Tie”. [for example, the Total for “A” is 2 *and* the Total for “B” is “2”, “C” is 2″ and “D” is 1 OR Total for “A” is 3 *and* the Total for “B” is “3”, and “C” is 1″]

        Do you have a suggestion for how I can determine if there’s a tie, so I can display a different message altogether? Thank you so very much!


      Hi Sasha,

      Have you found a solution for when there is a tie??

      Would be great of you can help.


      Gilles Renaud answered

        The total tally possible does NOT add up to the actual quizz answers. I’m answering all the answers with the highest possible scores and the quiz is returning a 3 – 4 points LOWER than what SG says is possible.


        Jim Keenan answered


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