[Solved] How to use tally with skip logic


I am building a tally quiz and want to do skip logic without displaying the tally page itself. My goal is to use skip logic to advance to pages where we can put text/images beyond what the quiz messages seem to provide.

My setup:

I have a page with questions. After the page with questions, I put a page with the quiz score action (set to tally). I set the scoring values for each of the questions. I put skip logic after the page with the quiz score action. Works great.

Then, I set the page with the quiz score action to admin only (so that it does not display). The skip logic is ignored. What am I doing wrong?


SGizmo502300 answered

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    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    It may be the Admin Only setting on the page (causing the page to not render). I suggest using the Auto Submit feature:


    This won’t display the page to respondents but will process the actions that are on it. Hopefully this does the trick!

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      Automatically submitting the page works. Thank you!

      SGizmo502300 answered


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