Tally Responses to a Repeated Question – Get Aggregate of Each Response


We have a survey that, on the first page, asks managers to select the offices they manage in a region. These are check boxes.

I then created a page of questions that repeat based on each office selected on page 1. 

The survey works great.

Reporting is terrible. We don’t want to see the Yes/No PER SURVEY RESPONSE; we want to see the count of “Yes” for all of the offices for which responses were submitted. This report is a mess and hard to read (we have 44 offices, though I only submitted two surveys that selected 3 offices each) and there is no clean way to get a simple 

Yes = # offices

No = # offices


So, if survey Response #1 applies to Cleveland, Columbus and Detroit, for which the response for Cleveland is given as “Yes”, Columbus as “Yes” and Detroit as “No” (these are radio buttons);

Survey Response #2 applies to Boston, Atlanta and New York, for which responses are Boston, Yes; Atlanta, No; and New York, Yes.


I need a report that states simply

Question Text

Yes = # offices

No = # offices


Is this possible or do we have to jump through hoops and manage the data outside of Survey Gizmo (which doesn’t make this tool very usable for these types of questionnaires)?

Community Admin answered

    @Joanna : I’m sorry for the trouble you are having with your data in reports! It sounds like you are using the page repeating feature.

    This feature is designed to repeat the page for the selected answers to the previous question and keep the data separate. If you have no need to keep the data separate you can just use the same page of questions so that the data will be in one place.

    If this works for you, you can then use what we call simple piping to change the text of the question text for each office.

    Here is a tutorial with more info:


    If you continue to have trouble getting your survey built out so that you get the data you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. Nearly anything is possible in SurveyGizmo!

    Bri Hillmer
    Documentation Coordinator
    SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

    Community Admin answered


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