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I’ve buit a survey using tally quiz score and this survey is about to be launched next week. After running a test internally, when I downloaded a report, I get confuse on how to read a proportion of people who get specific result as it currently shows only % value not % proportion of each result.

To be clear, in my survey each respondent will be asked to fill in answers which will result in their risk level in investment e.g. according to their answers, an investment portfolio that suits them best would be:- portfolio 1, portfolio 2, 3, and so on. Hence, in the end, I would like to see % of respondents who get portfolio 1, % who get portfolio2,…. I wonder if this is possible? And what I need to do to be able to see these percentage?  


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Dominic Sharpe answered

    The Quiz Score action will report the percentage of respondents that received a particular score – i.e. in your above screenshot, 22.2% of respondents received a score of 6.

    One thought is that you could add a text element to your report to explain the chart or perhaps export the chart to Word or Excel and edit the values there. This is probably not ideal but I thought I would mention it as a possible workaround.


    Dominic Sharpe answered


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