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I have managed to use an iPad in order to do a kiosk mode survey. The iPad accessibility info in order to block the menu so that user could not exit the survey mode as described in one of your tutorials worked fine… 😉 I would like to try the same with an Android tablet but I can’t figure out how to block the functionalities in order to avoid the users from leaving the survey mode…. ;-(

Can someone help me… 😉



Willem De Cock asked

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    Thanks so much for reaching out via community!


    It seems that iOS has  a built in feature for this called “Guided Access”. Unfortunately, Android devices don’t seem to have a similar feature!


    That said, it looks like there could be some good third party resources that allow you to do this!


    I am sorry we don’t have a built in feature to help you accomplish this! Please reach out again if you have any further questions!


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    Ryan - SurveyGizmo answered
      • I was exploring the guided access on iPad. But I realized that even in the guided access, half way through completing the survey, I can actually pinch the screen to shrink it. Once it is shrinked, I can use one finger to swipe the webpage to the left, by doing so it will close the survey. This does not always work but it does happen as long as you try enough times. I’m wondering what is this function called in iOS and is there a way to disable it? (In other words, I don’t want my participants to have any way to close my survey) by the way, for your information I’ve already turned off the multitask gestures in the general setting in iOS.

        Thank you.



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