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I am trying to set up a question where the respondent would tell us how many of an item they want to order.  Second to that I wondered if I can set up a response to be a dollar figure and have it calculate.  So for example: How many bundles of the bulletins do you want to order? There are 100 bulletins in the bundle.  Say they answer 2 (bundles) at a cost of $4 each; I’d like to show $8.00. Can that be done and if so, how?





Bev Gregory asked

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    SurveyGizmo has no built-in functionality that will perform calculations on user responses.  However, if you have a PRO or ENTERPRISE level account you can create a JavaScript action that can perform calculations and present the respondent with the results.

    There is a working example of a script used to calculate Body Mass index (BMI) in the SurveyGizmo documentation – https://script.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/calculate-bmi.  This includes a working example as well as a version that you can download to your account.  This script can be modified to perform the calculations you want to perform.

    Jim Wetherill answered


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