system has reckonised an email address as Invalid but it is actually correct. How do I fix this in the system so I can send a survey


I have upload a contact into SG and the email address has come as Invalid.  the email address is actually correct so I tried to add the contact again using the same email address and it will not upload.

How can I send a survey to this person?

Jim Wetherill answered

    Another possibility – check the offending email address to make sure that there is not an extra blank space at the end of the address.  This problem is invisible but it is enough to invalidate an address.

    Jim Wetherill answered

      NO, I have read this document and it doesn’t fall into any of these.  It’s not a group email, it’s written correctly.  If I email them direct I get a response.  the client has confirmed this is their email address.

      The email did not bounce back.  I went into the import log and it shows 6 email addresses that are saying invalid so they did not even upload.

      Lola Gill commented
        • Hmmm, I’m stumped – my only other thought is that an email to the address bounced at some point prior (and SG wont send to it for 30 days).

          You may want to check with the SurveyGizmo Support Team as they will be able to troubleshoot/investigate further (

        Lola Gill 6.78K Rep.

        Does your email address fall under any of the categories discussed here:

        This would be the most likely explanation for an email address being rejected.

        Hope this helps!

        Lola Gill answered


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