[Solved] System greyed out option ‘if one of the following answers is NOT…’ which I need to set up logic – why?


I have set up a survey and would like to include logic for a question, where multiple answers are possible (checkboxes). The logic would be that respondents can only see the question if they have not ticked two boxes in a previous question on the same page but if I try to set up logic this option, ‘is not one of the following answers…’ is greyed out and I cannot chose it. 

Any ideas, how to deal with this?

There are other questions on the same page where I want to show the questions if respondents have selected certain answers to this particular previous question on the page so I set those up with ‘if one of the following answers…’, which was not a problem and this works.


Any idea what’s wrong?


Thank you.

djgreen asked

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    The “is not one of the following” logic option is not available on the same page with checkbox questions.  If you move the followup question to the next page, that option will be available.  One of the SurveyGizmo gurus might be able to provide a clearer explanation, but from a logic point of view the program does not have a complete understanding of what ‘is’ and what ‘is not’ until the respondent presses the NEXT button.  At that point the question has been answered and the responses can be evaluated by the logic statement.

    Jim Wetherill answered

      Thank you, Jim. This is very useful to know but from a logic point of view doesn’t make much sense. A real flow in the programme I would say.


      djgreen answered
        • I think it’s because the checkbox question can accept multiple answers. The responses are not submitted and evaluated until the NEXT button is pressed.



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