[Solved] How Can I switch of the function of showing spelling mistakes?



The program runns in English and the participants aswer  the questions in German, hence the text is always underlined red. 

Can you tell me how to switch of the proof read funktion in English? 




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    As far as I know, SurveyGizmo still has no spell checking function. The most likely answer is that the the spell checking is happening in the browser.

    I know I was able to turn spell checking off in Chrome and that removes the red underline on misspelled words in a survey I was responding to.

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      I changed the format of the questions and now the data are lost. Can you recover the data? 



      Maria Tarnogrocki

      Community Admin commented
        • I’m sorry you’re experiencing data loss! The good news is it is pretty hard to accidentally delete your data. We will reach out to you via a support ticket to get things sorted out for you!

          The SurveyGizmo Team



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