Surveys Using reCaptcha with Private Domains/Embeds


Your account may need an update if you use the reCaptcha action. If you do not use the reCaptcha action on any of your surveys, you may ignore this notice.

In our reCaptcha action, we use the reCaptcha service by Google. Google has informed us they are shutting off service to their legacy versions.

We have already implemented the latest reCaptcha, but you will need to update a new setting in the Integrations area of SurveyGizmo if you are using the reCaptcha action on the following:

  • Surveys using Private Domains
  • Surveys embedded on your website

Any surveys that are not on one of the above will be automatically updated; no changes are needed.

If you do not make these updates, your surveys will show an error that may prevent people from accessing your surveys. Google will be turning off their service on March 31st.

The change is quick and only needs to be done in one place to update all of your surveys. Please follow these instructions:

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support team who will be happy to assist you:

Thanks for being a loyal SurveyGizmo user!

The SurveyGizmo Team

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