“All surveys” lists 156 but i can only see 20 surveys. Where are the others?


I need to look back at an old survey.  My “all surveys” says 156 surveys but only 20 on 2 pages are there.  How can I find the others?

Sheila Bloom answered

    It may have to do with the Teams the surveys are assigned to.  The easiest way I’ve found to see all surveys is to go to the “Download Survey List” in the bottom of your survey list on the screen.  This gives you an export in excel of all surveys, with the team assigned and even lists the deleted surveys.  In my case, I had a few surveys with no team assigned, so I had to go to User Management > Teams > select my Team, and then go to the Owned projects tab to add this survey back to a Team.


    Hope this helps.


    Charlotte Leg commented


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