Surveyresponse Api for Multifile Upload Yields Single File


Currently trying to make a request for survey responses, and I have a form that includes a mutlifile upload field and a single file upload field. The single file upload field returned is great, but the multifile upload field yields the same content that the single file upload does, and only returns the last file uploaded.

This is the endpoint I am using:

Expected result: A separate field type from the “FILE” type, such as “MULTIFILE”, that provides a list of files that were uploaded versus a single file.

Example of current JSON response:

“405”: {
   “id”: 405,
   “type”: “FILE”,
   “question”: “Single File Upload Test”,
   “section_id”: 1,
   “answer”: “183-5b780df37e76dbab031e0737de0a6506_004.jpeg”,
   “answer_id”: 10722,
   “shown”: true
“406”: {
   “id”: 406,
   “type”: “FILE”,
   “question”: “Multiple File Upload Test”,
   “section_id”: 1,
   “answer”: “237-f46958ccc583c7e1c0f418de99bbafb6_010.jpeg”,
   “answer_id”: 10724,
   “shown”: true

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