SurveyGizmo’s Bad Email Reputation Causing Legitimate Surveys to be Flagged as SPAM


From searching the community questions, I see there a number of other members that observe Survey Gizmo’s e-mail reputation is quite low. This is a problem and is preventing many of our recipients from receiving surveys created through Email Campaign. We spoke with our internal IT department and in the past two weeks alone they received 58 complaints about unsolicited messages coming from ‘’. As a result, they have blacklisted Survey Gizmo and won’t take it off. Others have mentioned TrendMicro is also blocking Survey Gizmo. Your IP address in Trend Micro’s Email Reputation Service, which is, is considered “Bad”.

Email Campaign is an important tool for us, and other competing survey sites we use for survey campaigns have so far proven to be more diligent in maintaining a good email reputation. How is Survey Gizmo addressing this situation? 

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    We are looking forward to the implementation of DKIM and the ability to use our own SMTP server. Can you give us an ETA for these features?

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      • In the coming two weeks or so we hope to have this released. I’ve made a note to return to this post to notify you and the original poster that this has been released!

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      Hi there,

      Thank you for posting to the SurveyGizmo Community!

      I’m very sorry for the email delivery troubles that you have run into with your SurveyGizmo Email Campaigns.

      SurveyGizmo does a number of things to maintain deliverabilty and to ensure that our customers send to clean email lists (that the email recipeints have opted into).

      These include:

      Our Development Team is also working on implementing the following capabilities:

      • Send survey invitations and email actions via your own SMTP server (not subject to SurveyGizmo’s deliverability)
      • Configure DKIM & SPF records for your domain

      Both of these items will serve to address deliverability issues.

      I hope the above items help shed some light on your concerns.

      Our Support Team is happy to assist/investigate any specific issues that your campaign(s) encountered. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to SurveyGizmo Support via one of the available support channels.

      Thank you again for posting on the SurveyGizmo Community!

      Best regards,

      David Domagalski
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