is site down?


Is anyone able to access today? It seems to have been down for our organisation for at least 2 days. We cannot access any support. Any advice gratefully received.

Executive answered

    We are unable to access our account. We get a continuous message of:

    You don’t have a valid or active user license. Visit the Activate page to reactivate your account.

    Even if we click Activate it says:

    Sorry, your request couldn’t be completed.

    Can someone help us?

    Account ID: 621870


    Executive answered

      Hi there,

      I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you are having accessing SurveyGizmo. We’ve not had any outages in the past two days. I will reach out to you via an email to gather more information about the trouble you are experiencing!

      Bri Hillmer
      Documentation Coordinator
      SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

      Community Admin answered

        We are on the US server and have had no problems.  I have flagged your posting for the attention of SurveyGizmo.

        There is a webpage – – that details the current status of all the SurveyGizmo application on all servers.  There is also a link in the top right corner of this page that will llet you sign up for status notifications thru email.

        Jim W (Moderator) answered


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