For surveygizmo-salesforce Integration Update Not working : Duplicate field Error while mapping fields with salesforce fields.


For surveygizmo-salesforce Integration : Update Not working(Duplicate field Error) : (mapping of different surveygizmo field to a same response field ) Survey Scenario : scenario is such that there are multiple question fields from surveygizmo which are mapped with same response field.   The logic we written such that only one question and response field is selected at a time.    A) The Update works fine when we have only on Response field :For testing we removed duplicate fields and keep only one response field, in that case the insert and Update operation works fine.    B) The update not working in case of multiple duplicate field : Could you please look into it?

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    A workaround for your problem might be to create a Hidden Value action on a page after the three questions (Q4, Q6, and Q7). Then pipe the values of those three questions into the hidden value with something like:

    [question(“value”), id=”12″][question(“value”), id=”14″][question(“value”), id=”15″]

    You will of course need to replace the question IDs in my example with the question IDs of your three questions.  You could then map the hidden value to your Salesforce “Response (string)”. instead of any/all of the three questions. 

    Note: If you copy the code from my example, know that this forum replaces normal straight quotes with left- and right-quotes which may cause the code not to function. If you copy code from this forum, it is always best to retype any quotes characters.

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