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Hello there!

I’m the User Experience Designer here at SurveyGizmo. We are planning some changes to reporting this year; we’d like to get some more details from you about what we can do better.

Update: We have finished collecting your valuable feedback! We will be sharing the results here.

Stay tuned!

Senior User Experience Designer

Paul Suszynski answered

    SUGGESTION 1: Ability to Hide Statistics Blocks

    I personally would love to be able to hide statistics for a question in a report if possible.  

    I often have a question that asks either a District Number or a Zip Code which I change to a Pie Graph in order to get percents.  However, at that point I don’t need the averages and standard deviations that I need on all other questions.


    I see 3 ways to do it.

    1. The ability to assign a class to a to a report element like you can a question in build mode.


      This might be the better method, but I don’t know your backend system all to well.  This method would ensure the style is always applied to the right element.

    2. Each div.Question given an ID


      Currently there is an ID attached to the ‘horizontal bar chart’ table that is in the following format:

           report-highchart-table-{ELEMENT ID}_{SURVEY ID}

      Where {ELEMENT ID} is the {ELEMENT ID}’th element in the report.

      What this method would entail is attaching a similar ID to each div.question, like so:

           report-question-{ELEMENT ID}_{SURVEY ID}

    3. Have an option under Element Settings to hide the statistics block.


    1 and 2 would satisfy all of us CSS users out there and make very happy. 1 a little more than 2.

    3 Would satisfy the casual users.


    SUGGESTION 2: Give Vertical Bar Charts a class selector dedicated to them.

    Currently are given the same class as a pie chart, which is:


    What I request is that it be given this class.



    This just makes sense.  Also, this would allow me a workaround for Suggestion 1 as I could hide statistics for all pie-charts and leave them on vertical bar charts, or vice versa.

    Joshua Metzelaar answered

      I would love it if exports would only include the actual questions by default and have all of the other data unchecked. I doubt many people use most of the technical data but they can always check it if they do.

      Paul Suszynski answered

        It would be great if the steps to making a new survey were more clear and I could copy and paste the link to send to the people I would like to take my survey.

        devwood56 answered

          Hi there,

          Thank you for your post to the Community. I will be opening a ticket with you to discuss this in further detail. I did want to mention that the survey share link can currently be copied for the purpose of sharing with others.

          I made a brief video to illustrate:

 (no audio)

          I will be in touch via email to discuss further!

          David – SurveyGizmo

          Admin - SurveyGizmo answered

            It would be great if the reporting that already existed worked,  I have been working on segmented reports and am finding if I create multiple (9 plus) segments and multiple segmented reports (4 plus) the segmented reporting isn’t working.

            Beth Ann Boyd61317 answered
              • Hi Beth,

                While there are no documented defects with the Segmentation Report Feature, I can certainly take a look at your situation to see what might be causing the problem that you described.

                I will be reaching out via email to discuss.


                David – SurveyExplorer



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