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We initially set this account up to support a client with testing within their company. They now want to know how they can make edits to the tests themselves as well as reporting. How or can I migrate surveys to their account if/when they decide to do this? If I can’t migrate the surveys to them, can I change our account settings and make the account theirs?

Please advise on the best steps to move forward. 


Curt Archambault on behalf of People and Performance Strategies

Dominic Sharpe answered

    This is just a forum for other Survey Gizmo users.  For this issue, it sounds like you want to contact Survey Gizmo Support.  From the Help Page, click on the Email Support link and a Survey Gizmo Support hero will help you!

    Sheila Bloom answered

      You might also review this help document:

      Surveys can be moved between accounts (a request form must be completed and signed by both account admins).


      Dominic Sharpe answered


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