Survey template keeps copying the wrong Survey title– can’t edit!


Hi, I want to use an existing survey as my template, but every time I copy it, it copies the original survey name in the final output.

Survey name: Webinaire de #RadarSocial – sondage

When I view this survey in the preview mode (on survey build page), the survey name is correct. But when I click on the “Share” tab, and click on that link, or the preview link on that tab, the survey name reverts back to the original name “GB Marketing Survey 2017 – French”.

How do I fix this?

Suzie Kim answered

    My recommendation is to investigate the translations page via Tools > Text & Translations:

    It seems like the original survey that you are copying has multiple language versions.

    When you pull it up on the Preview page, you will see the survey as it shows on the Build tab – but when you pull it up via the Share link, the survey is using your browser settings to determine what language version is being shown.

    I hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Hi, I have it set correctly to French. It seems more like a glitch in your system than anything I can do on my end. When I used the “copy survey” option in the past this has never been an issue.

      Suzie Kim answered


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