Our survey has already started—can we still use the Google Sheet integration?


We have launched our survey and received ~100 responses and, in retrospect, I wish we had implemented the Google Sheet integration.


If we do that now will it only push through the responses that come in after the integration? In this scenario, if we paste the existing responses in the Google Sheet (before “activating” the integration) will the integration automatically know to paste the new responses below the copy/pasted responses?

We have a PRO account, in case that matters.

roxanne answered

    You can certainly add the integration after having launched your survey, but the action will only push through responses that come in after the integration has been created and set up (like you mentioned).

    Your suggested solution should work (pasting the previously collected data). The newly collected data should just be added to the first available row.

    Hope this helps clarify!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Awesome – thanks Dominic!

      roxanne answered

        Thanks, Dominic. So the integration will “know” that it needs to place the new responses below the existing (pasted) data?

        Dominic Sharpe commented
          • Yup! I just did a quick test in my account and the new data came in below the existing stuff I had in the sheet.



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