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One of my respondents last year had this to say about the sliders

“The slider bars for Question 3.11 were difficult to use, and I had a hard time navigating the dots to the exact number.  A tiny movement of the mouse would result in numbers not adding up to 100%.  Changing the slider bars to simple text boxes that people can just type in numbers would be helpful.”

Is there a way to allow users to have a text box to the right of each slider for them to enter the numbers as a value if they do not want to use the sliders?

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Chris Thorpe asked

    Hey Chris –

    I can see how this slider table would be slightly unwieldy. Would it be easier to simply allow respondents to provide a numeric value for each option? You could force a text box to only accept whole numbers as a percent. You can learn more about that here…

    To answer your question specifically, I’m not aware of a text box that can be tacked onto the end of a slider question that would automatically move the slider to the desired value. Perhaps this could be done with some custom scripting? However, I’m not sure what that would look like exactly.

    The final option I would suggest would be to parse these slider questions out to exist as their own question. So…

    1. Coal
    2. Natural Gas
    3. Oil
    4. ect

    This would spread the questions out a bit and make them a bit easier to navigate.

    Okay – I hope that helps a bit! Thanks.

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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