My Survey is only showing one question

ed 13 Rep.

When I test or send the link to my survey, the recipient only sees one question – what am I doing wrong?

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    Hi Ed,

    Thank you for posting to the SurveyGizmo Community!

    The issue that you have described is likely caused by a specific configuration with the survey, as such it is something that our Support Team will be able to advise on after having viewed your survey.

    For most immediate assistance, our Support Heroes can be reached via live chat:

    Additionally, you can submit an email ticket to

    As the Support Team will likely need to access your survey, you will need to grant access via the following steps:

    If you do submit a ticket, please include the title of the survey where you are encountering this issue!

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,

    David Domagalski
    Survey Explorer & Documentation Specialist
    SurveyGizmo |

    Admin - SurveyGizmo answered
      ed 13 Rep.

      Thanks – I’m sure it’s something simple, but I can’t move forward until I can resolve it.  All of the questions are there, during the “Build” – when I Test of Send it, only the first question appears.

      ed answered

        Hi Ed,

        I have flagged your posting for the attention of SurveyGizmo Support.  Members of the Community Forum cannot access your survey, so we can only take guesses as to your problem.

        You can contact SurveyGizmo Support yourself at the following link –

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