Survey Results in the Wrong Language


Dear SurveyGizmo Team,


we have surveys in many different languages in SurveyGizmo that are being used across our group which is active in over 30 countries.

To increase speed, I usually copy the surveys and then send the countries a translation template to reset the default language.

Nevertheless, we encounter a very annoying problem in many countries: The survey results are not in the language set as default, but in another language. Also, it switches from response to response.

For example in a German survey, we had answers (multiple choice question) that were suddenly in Arabic.

For our Korean surveys, we had a whole data set with purely German answers.


This has to stop because it is making our highly complex work even more complex!

Can you help please?


Luise from Delivery Hero

Mary M (Moderator) answered

    I have created surveys in many languages and you might double check that the language is selected in the Advanced tab for share. You can find this under the Share Tab, either select the edit link for the survey link or/and you can also do the same within the email campaign.

    I cannot tell by your question if you have done this already. This prevents and local PC translation of your survey.

    Mary M (Moderator) answered


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