Can a Survey Response be overwritten



Based on a Login/Password Action, can a Survey response be overwritten by the same Login?

For instance, if Login JohnDoe answers a question in a Survey, can he answer the same Survey again and have his answers overwrite his previous answers.  I just need the latest answers.


Tim Knoob

Shaun answered

    This will depend on how you set up the Password Action when you first created it. Are you using the uploaded spreadsheet method for passwords? If so, there was a setting when you first created:

    If you made passwords ‘single-use’ then overwriting would not be possible. If the passwords are not single use, a respondent would be able to submit multiple responses using the same password.

    Hope this helps clarify!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      I have a similar question. I want to over-write the responses- not just collect multiple responses. So far, I know this can be done using edit links and logic for the login/password.


      “There is an option on the logic tab to require respondents to log back in when editing their response. This refers to the edit links that can be shared with respondents to allow them to edit their response. Here is our documentation on edit links:

      And also the option to require respondents to log back in is documented here:”


      I want to make it so that users can overwrite their old responses WITHOUT needing to be send a URL to uniquely access their survey. They should just need their password. As far as I can tell, the workaround is to allow for multiple responses per password, and then just download all the data and remove the duplicates as part of the data cleaning process (e.g., using SPSS). Or to write a custom script to check for a previous login and then perhaps pull their response that way.


      Are these the only ways?

      Caitlin Murphy362904 commented
        • There are lots of different ways to do this, some involving custom scripting and some involving redirects/prepopulation/autosubmit. I’m available for consulting, let me know if you’re interested!



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