Survey quota based on sum of event attendees and not survey response totals


I have the Adventurer level, and  am interested in setting up a survey quota, but I am having difficulty finding out how to achieve this based on the required logic:

I want to create a survey for a volunteer sign up, where individuals have the option of brining guests.  (This eliminates the need for a family to sign up 4x for 4 family members.)   I want the capability to set a quota for the volunteer sign up based on the number of attendees, which may thus be different from the number of completed responses.  In the reporting section, I can find a way to get a sum of the total number of attendees, based on creating a question like “total number of attendees including yourself” in the survey.  However, I cannot find a way to get this sum into the quota logic.  Any suggestions?   

Thanks in advance!

Dominic Sharpe answered

    This is likely something that would need to be designed as a custom solution since SurveyGizmo’s quotas are based on responses (rather than numerical answers to questions).

    There is one feature that might be worth exploring – Answer Option Quotas:

    This allows you to set a quota for each specific answer option in a question, rather than responses.

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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