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I’m using Page Split as an action to send users to seven different pages. Often times the survey questions will not load for those pages, just the Page Title and Description.

The survey I’m using is an exact duplicate of a working survey we produced in January, which did work properly. I’ve also tried the older survey to see if you would work properly and that too does has the same behavior of randomly hiding the survey questions.

The images attached shows a survey randomly not showing questions and the same survey that randomly does show the questions.




Additionally, there is a value of “hidden=true” when the system randomly hides the questions and “hidden=false” when the questions are shown.



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    Hi There,

    I’m so sorry for the trouble. I think I have an idea of what’s going on here.

    We recently made a change to our system, as a result of customer feedback. Prior to the change, pages with no content other than a page description, would be automatically hidden from respondents.

    We had several requests to change this, so now, if a page is empty, but has a description, it will still display. I believe what is happening is that your percent branching action is hiding all the content, but the page and description are still appearing.

    There are a few simple ways that I believe will solve this problem. The first thing I would try would be to copy the text in your page descriptions, and add it as a text element instead. Within your branching action, you can then select to hide those text elements with the other questions on the page as well.

    Then, when the respondents take the survey, those extra blank pages shouldn’t appear!

    Give this a try, and let me know if you run into any difficulty. I hope it helps!

    Taylor Morgan
    Survey Mermaid – Manager of Customer Service


    Taylor Morgan answered

      They current survey is a duplicate of a survey we successfully used in January. That older survey is now behaving in the same manner; we haven’t made any changes to it.

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        Here’s the survey in question – SIS-Online-Service-Benchmarking-Fall-2015

        ETS Survey answered

          Dominic –

          No logic is applied to the pages that contain the survey questions.

          The first page uses Percent Branch Action to send the user off to the other pages (which includes the questions). Looking at Primary Setup for the initial page, each branch has a corresponding percentage and proper hide/show elements.

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            The pages where you randomly see questions hidden – do those pages or questions have any type of logic applied? That’s one though – that a page might be shown but the logic to show the question is not being satisfied…

            The other possibility, since you mentioned you are using a Page Split (is this the branching action?)… perhaps within the branching action one branch is set to show this page but not to show this question.

            Curious if it’s related to either of those things…

            Dominic Sharpe answered


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