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have a survey question that is a yes or no, and if it is a yes, then want them to add more detail. how do you do that?

Elsa Rios88315 asked

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    From our experience there are two different options that you can use.

    If the ‘more detail’ will be just a few words, you can set the SPECIAL SETTINGS under the YES option as OTHER-WRITE IN.  In these cases we modify the option to read ‘Yes (please provide details):’. We also use a script available in the SurveyGizmo documentation to make the OTHER write-in box disappear unless the option is selected.

    The second option is to place an ESSAY/LONG ANSWER followup question immediately below the first question.  This question would ask something like “You answered that you do use X in Y situations. Can you please provide details:”. We then set a Logic Rule for this question so that it appears only when the respondents answers YES to the first question.

    Jim Wetherill answered
      • Thank you! Super Helpful. What I did was use the “allow comments” option in the Layout. I imagine that will that work too, right?


      We use the Allow Comments option too in cases where we want respondent’s opinions – it is a useful tool.  However we don’t use it often – most of our survey work is used to evaluate government programs, so our followup questions tend to be very targeted to soliciting specific information.

      Jim Wetherill answered


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