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I am collecting feedback on 3 different technology solutions from a group of users. As the feedback will be gathered on different dates depending on user availability to test the solution, am I able to build a survey that allows the user to login to the survey at different times to provide feedback on the 3 solutions and build the survey such that it is completed after feedback on the 3 solutions has been gathered from each user?




Gmlee21 answered


    As I will require participants to physically try the solutions and thereafter provide feedback via the survey, does Survey Gizmo has a feature for me to create a QR code for the survey? With the QR code, the participants can login using the pre-assigned password to complete the survey at their own pace.



    1. Lee
    Gmlee21 commented

      I mentioned both Login Action and Email Campaigns in your other post here:

      I think in the scenario that you mentioned above, both options would need to be used together. The Login Action will ensure that respondents need to login, whereas the email campaign will save their progress through the survey until they finish providing feedback on the third solution.

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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