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I would like to create two passwords for two different groups who will be answering the survey. Is it possible first to ask which group the participant belongs two and than ask for the password for that particular group?

Also, I am trying to incorporate chart in the survey and I am having problem to do it with one particular question, I am getting an error message. Are there some limits for horizontal bar charts?. Here is my survey ID: 2440921, page 3, question 3 chart for evaluators only).


Dragan Kljujic



drandreaevans asked

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    Hi Dragan! Separate passwords for two separate groups is definitely possible in SurveyGizmo

    There are multiple ways you could accomplish this, and I think the easiest would be to use the “Lookup ID/Password in an uploaded spreadsheet” option in your Login/password action. Technical instructions for using this feature are described in option 3 of step 1 in this tutorial:


    You could then upload your two passwords, and place the Login action wherever you wish. A “group” question could be placed before this Login action too, as you describe.

    Regarding Result Chart actions, I do not believe there are any hard limits imposed on horizontal charts. These actions are cached for performance considerations though, and very occasionally I see problems with “stale” caches causing a Result Chart not to display properly. If this occurs for you after making some changes, and does not clear up by itself within 5 minutes, I recommend deleting your existing Result Chart action and re-adding it. If you still notice problems, please reach out to our Support team for further assistance.

    I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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