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We have been send  a survey 3 times and they have received the thank you text but we have not got the survey. Can you advice.



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    I’m going to make a few educated guesses and see how close I can get :)

    It sounds like you’ve sent out a survey via the Email Campaign feature. When your respondents click on the survey link, instead of seeing the first page of your survey, they see the “Thank You” page (the end of the survey). You have not received the responses you would have expected to receive.

    This sounds suspiciously like a single “unique link” that has been forwarded on to others. Each contact in an Email Campaign receives a special unique link. These unique links only allow one response to be submitted – so if a unique link were shared, one person would be able to submit a response, and then everyone else would see the Thank You page when they accessed the link (because that unique link had already been “used”).

    If this doesn’t help answer your question, please provide further details, or contact our Support team directly :)


    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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