[Solved] A survey moved from .com to .eu is not displaying


I recently switched a survey from the .com server to the .eu one (Pro account) and now it does not seem to be displaying at all. Is there any reason this would be happening?





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    Hey there,

    I’m sorry you hadn’t received any replies on this Community post until now.  The Community area is intended to be used for general questions that can be asked to, and answered by, other SurveyGizmo users like yourself.  Our support team doesn’t manage posts in Community as regularly, so when you have questions that are specific to your particular account, or a survey on your particular account, an issue that other SurveyGizmo users may not be able to help you with, it may be better to contact us directly at support@sgizmo.com for assistance.

    All of that said, I took a look at your survey and found the cause of the problem you mentioned.  The problem was that, for some reason, the survey theme did not get copied over when the survey was transferred from our US side to our EU side.  I was able to simply and quickly fix the problem by going into the Style section for that survey on the EU account and apply a theme to it (I used the same theme you were using on the US version of the survey).

    Your survey should now work ok when you click the link.  Please feel free to test it out!

    Tim – SurveyGizmo

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