[Solved] ending the whole survey via logic?




I need to be able to end the survey with a message based on a response to one question. Is there a way to do this with out adding to logic to every question

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    Sure! You can add skip logic between pages that can skip the survey taker to the thank you page, disqualify them, or even redirect them to another website based on their answer to that one question.

    In your case, you just need to set up one skip logic rule to end the survey based on that question. Here’s how you set that up:



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      I have more or less the same questions.

      I want to make sure that my survey has more or less the same age categories, so I would like that when the user says that he is < 30 and more then 50% of my responses are < 30 that it would go to the thank you page.

      It doesn’t really seem possible?

      roizard answered


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