Can you make the survey link automatically expire after 2 weeks of sending, but keep the survey open?


I would like to send survey invitations weekly to new customers, but i would like them to answer within 2 weeks. 

I’m planning to keep the survey open for a while (6 months) and I would like to be able to track the results by when the customer was invited to take part.



Vivek Vishist271858 answered
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    Each campaign link created on the Share tab can have its own individual open and close dates. The campaign link can be exported and/or reported on.

    IS answered

      We send out survey multiple times in a week. We would like our survey recipients to have 2 weeks to respond. If they waited for over 2 weeks, then they should see the closed survey message.

      Is it possible to do in Survey Gizmo, even if we have to do any custom coding?

      Vivek Vishist271858 answered

        Thank you. We shall test it to see how it works.

        Maya Laskowska90 answered


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